About Old&New

Persian pottery plates

I purchase good quality items from a number of different sources.  I concentrate my search on decorative arts from the late 19th Century and 20th Century, but I will also snap up anything that shouts ‘style’ be it either old or new.

 I want to bring  prospective clients to my “showroom” and save them the time and effort of sourcing and acquiring objects for their outlets.  I visit auctions and markets in the UK on a regular basis and have contacts in France and Germany able to search for items on my behalf.  The majority of my stock is unique and unusual, so why not let me do the hard work of sourcing some interesting, good quality items whilst you concentrate on selling to your customers.

I also offer a business or personal ‘Search’ service whereby I will try to find a particular item for you if you are having trouble locating it yourself.  Why not email me, or call me on +44 1394 459437/+447770294793

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